My Journey to a Six-Figure Photography Business

I didn’t always have my sights set on earning a six-figure income. Growing up in poverty, our primary goal was simply to make ends meet. I had exactly enough outfits to last me a week. I survived on one meal a day. Barely. In fact, I was so malnourished that I often fainted on the walk to school. 

When my family immigrated to America, we shopped at GoodWill and other thrift stores. We were taught to always buy off season clothes so we’d get the best sales. Nothing was ever purchased at full price. 

I was financially independent when I turned 18. I went to college on scholarships and financial aid. I held tutoring jobs to pay for rent and clothes. Then, I got my first salaried position as a research lab manager. That led me to pursuing a PhD at Penn State University.

While I was still in graduate school, I started a photography business. It was meant to be my creative outlet. I was always drawn to both the sciences and arts, but was taught that pursuing the arts wouldn’t be pragmatic. Artists don’t make money. I knew, though, that I need art to feel balanced. 

Before long, my photography business took off. Even when I accepted a faculty position at Penn State, I still worked on my photography business. It didn’t take long for my business to make a better income than my faculty salary. Doubled it, in fact. 

I found myself in a position where I can indulge in luxuries, and not just make ends meet. I could fund our family travels. I could give back to my community through philanthropic initiatives. 

I used to believe that the rich were simply privileged individuals who were handed everything on a silver platter. I now realize that wealth isn’t reserved for those born into privilege; it can be earned through hard work and dedication. Moreover, I understood that money amplifies one’s attributes and provides an opportunity to make a greater impact. Now, I know that the more money I make, the more I can contribute to my community and the causes I care about. Money is a tool for positive change, enabling me to give back on a larger scale.

I’m excited to take you along on this journey and share with you how to become a successful mompreneur so that you, too, can live your rich life and give back as much as you want.

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